Gloria Jones: There is True Christianity at Heart, on Her Songs!


There are few words to describe this incredible, anointed woman. God has given Gloria Jones a gift to sing and she uses it to His glory. “Give God What’s Due” and “It Was Jesus”, is a wonderful mix of some great music. These songs will fill you with joy, love, and the praise for God. It’s as if Gloria knew exactly what we were feeling, thinking and going through when she was recording these two songs. She puts her all into these songs and makes you really feel her. Gloria’s music is also beautiful and you feel the spirit when you listen to her. She is truly inspirational.

The song “It Was Jesus”, is able to come into your life at a point where you have closed it and maybe strayed from the Word of God. It will minister to your soul and help to heal your spirit. Her sultry voice and inner confirmation of God’s goodness is ever blessing her audience.

Gloria Jones’ voice is one of the most beautiful voices in music today and her songs will contribute tremendously to contemporary gospel coming into the mainstream.

Her heaven sent voice on the foot stomping “Give God What’s Due”, touches on human vulnerability, truth, hope, faith and love. There is true Christianity at heart on these songs, not ‘flossed up’ gospel of personal development, or ‘prosperity” gospel’.

Everything on these songs sparkle as Gloria Jones really testifies! Her music is full of spirit, emotion, feeling and grace. The woman can sing and should be discovered by more people, as she is a great artist, PERIOD!

Article Written by: Rick Jamm (The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network)

Blog created by: Michael Bell (Bell Time Records)

Gloria Jones’ new music release “Give God What’s Due” hit the #40 spot on the Digital Radio Tracker and stayed on the chart for 3 weeks.

National Airplay Top 50 Gospel Chart 1-25-2014 #40

National Airplay Top 50 Gospel Chart 2-01-2014 #41

National Airplay Top 50 Gospel Chart 2-08-2014 #46

Not bad for a debut Gospel Indie Artist


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